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We are an Orthopedic Specialty Clinic

The ultimate location in Pune for all Knee Replacement Surgeries, Hip Replacements, Sport Injuries, Complex Trauma and Fracture Management, Deformity Corrections, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation.

Our Mission

The Knee Klinik Orthopedic Specialty Hospital strives to be an innovative Specialty Hospital dedicated to the needs of the communities we serve.
As a musculoskeletal facility, we strive to deliver efficient, high quality, cost-effective healthcare.

We recognize people as unique and valuable and strive to meet their individual needs.

We believe our healthcare team is the source of our strength and are committed to treating each other with honesty, respect, and dignity.

Our Vision

The Knee Klinik Orthopedic Specialty Hospital strives to be the facility of choice, for patients and physicians, in providing diagnostic, surgical and musculoskeletal services.

The Knee Klinik Orthopedic Specialty Clinic is a recognized leader of patient care and services, and the preferred place to work and practice.

We will demonstrate our Mission, Values and Vision by adhering to the following behaviors:

Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Efficiency and Excellence in Service.


Dr. Sachdev’s Knee & Joint Surgery Clinic which is titled as THE KNEE KLINIK. is the Center of Excellence (COE) for Specialty Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgery which is located in the heart of east Pune, in Viman Nagar area, within a very convenient proximity to Pune Railway Station and the Airport. For the surgical treatments, the clinic hosts the Centre of Excellence (COE) for Speciality Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgery, which has a landmark achievement of more than 10,000 patients treatments, to date.

The Knee Klinik offers rapid and fast diagnosis, intervention and aftercare for all knee conditions and complaints. The facility has a wealth of experience treating common knee conditions such as ligament injuries, anterior knee pain, patellar instability, meniscal tears, swollen knee and tendonitis and also offer a variety of treatment options and procedures including knee replacement, arthroscopy and meniscal surgery.

‘The Knee Klink also facilitates non-surgical treatments including Local & Intra-articular Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP),Intra-articular Viscoelastic Supplement and Autologous Protein Solution for knee pain and Knee arthritis. PRP is a No-pain, low-risk procedure that uses patient’s own blood components to stimulate the growth in injured tissues, Viscosupplementation has become more popular and more widely accepted which is injecting sodium hyaluronate (natural fluid) into the knee, and nSTRIDE®️ Autologous Protein Solution (APS – a step ahead of PRP) is a latest therapy.

Coupled with advanced Physcial therapy (PT) & Rehab – to ease muscle and joint pain, to help strengthen muscles, and to make body feel and move better, excellent results have been achieved with this conservative approach at The Knee Klinik.

Dr. Sachdev believes in spreading the knowledge that he has received thus far by sharing with both students and junior doctors. Dr. Sachdev also believes that the pursuit for knowledge should never come to an end and hence he continues to update his knowledge and skills by conducting and attending medical conferences and workshops in India and abroad on a regular basis.

Note: nSTRIDE®️ is trademark of Zimmer-Biomet


We constantly invest in high-end equipment

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Testimonials Slider Feature

  • I had taken my mother (65) for advice on her right knee which was causing her tremendous pain during walking. Not only was Dr. Anshu Sachdev before time, which is rare for doctors these days, he immediately made us feel comfortable and we felt like being treated by our own family physician. He quickly delved into the problem area and asked mom the pertinent questions to diagnose the problem. After reviewing the X-Rays Film, he explained to my mother in detail the severance of the issue. He even showed us a video on his computer that explained visually the functioning of the knee. The prescribed medicines have already started acting positively and my mother is relieved. Thanks for doctors like Dr. Anshu Sachdev, who spend time with the patient and explain the problem in an easy manner for us to understand. I would definitely recommend Dr. Anshu to all my friends for any ortho related issue.
    Manav Verma Patients's Son - Knee Pain
  • Dr Sachdev has been treating my husband's back pain for 3 years. Recently my dad met with an accident, Dr Sachdev gave us a patient hearing and was prompt with a solution. We definitely were pleased with the fast efficient progress my dad made. Thanks Dr.
    Najma Godhrawala Patient - Back Pain
  • My mother was not in position to walk as her both her knees were in worst condition and she was not ready to get council with any orthopedic as lots of rumors regarding knee surgery exist in society. She use to limp and cry everyday. This are worst part of my life to see my mother suffering so much pain and not able to live the way we want her to enjoy life. Dr. Anshu Sachdev sir not only gave strong counseling to my mother but also got lot of confidence into her to get this knee surgery completed. We took this surgery on May 2014 and within two months time, my mother started walking as normal person. I can see and believe the joy and happiness that +60 years old mother got back into her life.Thank you very much Anshu Sir for giving my mother another life to live!
    Mala Mitra Patient's daughter - Knee Surgery