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Arthroscopy or joint replacement surgery is a procedure of orthopedic surgery, in which the arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface is replaced with an orthopedic prosthesis.
Sports injuries are injuries that occur to athletes while participating in sporting events. For eg. runner’s knee is a painful condition associated with running, while tennis elbow is repetitive stress injury at the elbow.
This is a procedure where bone in the leg (the femur/thigh bone in Valgus deformity and the tibia/shin bone in Varus deformity) is cut in order to realign the knee into the correct position
Platelet Rich Plasma ( PRP ) is a relatively low-pain and low-risk procedure that stimulate growth in injured tissues with the use of your own blood used in effective treatment in managing and eliminating pain associated with knee osteoarthritis
Viscosupplements are doses of hyaluronic acid that are injected into the knee and into the synovial fluid. It is related to new form of treatment for knee OA. Its used to treat the symptoms of mild to moderate Osteoarthritis of the knee.
Autologous Protein Solution (APS) is a new therapy under development for the treatment of Osteoarthritis. This therapy is formed from a patient’s blood and contains high concentrations of anti-inflammatory and anabolic proteins
Physiotherapy Treatment, or rehab as some people call it, can ease your muscle and joint pain. You’ll work with a physical therapist, a licensed professional are uses a variety of methods to help strengthen your muscles and make your body feel and move better.

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