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Arthroplasty or joint replacement surgery is a procedure of orthopedic surgery, in which the arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface is replaced with an orthopedic prosthesis. When joint replacement surgery occurs, the artificial surfaces of the joint replacement are shaped in such a way as to allow joint movement similar to that of a healthy natural joint.

Joint replacement surgery has become an alarming need of today’s world. It has become the most common surgery. Due to poor diet, busy life schedule, junk food, no time for body workout, sitting for a long time in front of gadgets etc these all things are affects on our body and result severe pain in different bones and joints.

  • Patients with severe destruction of the knee joint associated with progressive pain and impaired function maybe candidates for total knee replacement.
  • Osteoarthritis is the most common reason for knee replacement operation

These are the most important joints of our body. Our whole body support is dependent on these joints .Joint replacement surgery helps to make life easier and helps the joint to work better with the help of man-made part.


A person who has injured or damaged his joint may experience extremely severe pain at the site of the joint.
In certain instances when

  • The pain is extremely severe, one may “avoid using the joint, weakening the muscles around the joint and making it even more difficult to move the joint”.
  • If you are joints are hurting you so much that it is difficult to climb up the stairs or even walk.
  • Your other treatments and medication and injections do not give you rid of pain.
  • Swelling in your knee is unbearable

The advantages of hip or knee replacement surgery are to get rid of damaged part of the joint which are replaced by metal or plastic IMPLANTS.


  • It is relatively less risk procedure and it takes few months to recover fully.
  • If you are going for a surgery then make sure you are not living alone, you will definitely need some help for your personal work as well as household work. You will need your family member or someone close who can help you.
  • For best result, you should change to healthier diet, lose some weight, etc. You can even join some rehabilitation center.

Type of Joint Replacement Surgeries

Knee replacement is treatment for people with severe knee damage. Knee replacement can relieve pain and allow you to be more active. Knee replacement surgery – also known as knee arthroplasty – can help relieve pain and restore function in severely diseased knee joints. During knee replacement, a surgeon cuts away damaged bone and cartilage from your thighbone, shinbone and kneecap and replaces it with an artificial joint made of metal alloys, high grade plastics and polymers.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure in which the hip joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. Such replacement orthopedic surgery is generally conducted to relieve arthritis pain or in some hip fractures.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Shoulder replacement is a surgical procedure in which all or part of the glenohumeral joint is replaced by a prosthetic implant. Shoulder joint replacement surgery is generally conducted to relieve arthritis pain or fix severe physical shoulder joint damage

Shoulder and Elbow

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