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Physiotherapy Treatment, or rehab as some people call it, can ease your muscle and joint pain. You’ll work with a physical therapist, a licensed professional are uses a variety of methods to help strengthen your muscles and make your body feel and move better.

Exercise therapy

Physiotherapists use exercise to assist patients with improving development, adaptability and solidarity to diminish torment in both the short and long term. Nuffield Health Physiotherapists are prepared to guarantee each patient gets the correct exercise program and they will suport you to learn and complete the program to ensure you take full advantage of your treatment.

Aqua Therapy

Aquatic therapy (or Hydrotherapy) involves exercise and rehabilitation in water. This is an effective for muscle and joint rehabilitation (and alleviating other conditions) in the environment that helps to relax and support the body weight

Joint mobilization & soft tissue techniques

Hands-on treatment to joints and muscles can help reduce pain and allow the body to start to move more freely. Physiotherapists always use these techniques on patients alongside of other treatment approaches such as exercise therapy is helpful to the patients get better quicker.

Cryotherapy and Heat Therapy

Sore, stiff muscles are a common problem of both people with desk jobs and professional athletes. If a patient complains of the muscle tightness on their body, it may be beneficial to apply heat or cold to the aggravated areas. Heat therapy includes the application of hot packs or even paraffin wax. Cryotherapy may involve ice pack application or an ice massage.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

While ultrasound isn’t normally associated with physiotherapy, in recent years, doctors have been able to utilize sound waves to treat injuries in the body. Ultrasound frequency provides a gentle method for targeting damaged tissue with soft beams. Like a mini massage, the sound waves of the ultrasound stimulate and are absorbed by the ligaments, tendons and fascia. This treatment can be used for patients suffering from arthritis, tendonitis and muscle strain.

Dr Anshu Sachdev is founder of Knee Klinik has treated over 10,000 Patients for knee & Joint pains. Dr.Anshu believes in holistic treatment methodology. Patients, in early stages, are treated through medication and physiotherapies.

A healthy knee can be damaged with diseases like Arthritis which causes pain and makes the daily task impossible to do. This can be resolved with Knee Replacement.The video shows how the procedure is conducted to be free from knee pain.

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